OKPT's contract service menu is the following two.

 * Contracted service for structural analysis of individual molecule of protein by tomography method
 * [New service] High resolution structure analysis service for proteins by single particle analysis method (averaging method)

The two technologies are complementary. We propose a combination of both methods to increase the knowledge about the protein to be analyzed.

Benefits of outsourcing to OKPT

・Structural analysis without crystallization
・Achievement is 100% attributed to the customer and a confidentiality agreement is signed.
・Using a high-end cryo-electron microscope
 A cryo-electron microscope (Titan Krios / Talos Arctica) made by Thermo Fisher Scientific
installed at OIST is used.
・Since the sample is frozen rapidly without staining or replacing, it can be observed under environmental conditions close to that in vivo.
・Very few samples are needed
・No problem with high molecular weight and complex shape such as protein complex.
・Provide analysis report with data
We will be happy to discuss changes in the report format, number of molecules analyzed, data provision format, etc.
・World's first contract service combining tomography method (indivisual molecule analysis) and single particle analysis method (averaging method)