Protein structural analysis: features and main advantages
・Reconstructing a 3D-image of a protein in about 1.5 nm resolution
・No need to crystallize samples (vitrification of the sample, free of stain)
・No upper limit to the size of macromolecular complex (even cells)
・Providing analysis reports along with the data
・Small amount of sample

Protein structural analysis: flow
1. Receiving orders
2. Receiving samples from the customer
3. Prepare the sample to set in the cryo-electron microscope (Titan Krios, FEI)
4. Verifiying the position of a molecule to obtain the image data using Cryo-EM
5. Collecting the data from cryo-electron microscope
6. Rebuild the 3D image in about 1.5nm resolution from the obtained data, using COMET software
7. Summarizing analyses reports
8. Explain/illustrate the analysis results to the customer