What is Protein Tomography?

Our technology is a unique combination of Cryo Electron Microscopy and specifically design 3D reconstruction program called COMET (Constrained Maximum Entropy Tomography), which innovative algorithms enhance resolution, producing noise free reconstructions of target proteins. Depending on customer’s needs we can produce different kind of images, from multiple tilted views from a specimen for 3D tomograms (individual molecule visualization) to a large number of 2D images (for averaged reconstructions).

The new technology allows visualization of protein complexes and their dynamics, serving as an alternative solution to the study of biological samples that are difficult or impossible to crystallize. Proteins that with conventional methods were unable to visualize, are now easily reconstructed with our service.

With Okinawa Protein Tomography, it is now possible

I. To approach the study of individual proteins as well as protein complexes, revealing properties such as shape, binding domains and flexibility,

II. To reveal conformational distribution of flexible molecules, by taking images of individual proteins and protein complexes,

III. Visualization of membrane proteins. It is now the only method that can provide this information,

IV. To analyze proteins in a variety of contexts

Some features of our technology:

1. Structural analysis of individual molecules
➡ not the averaged molecular structure, possibility to obtain dynamic structure

2. Reduction of electron beam irradiation and direct electron detecto
r➡ analysis without destroying the molecular structure

3. Analysis by COMET (constrained maximum entropy tomography)
➡ improvement of image quality by noise removal

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