Protein Tomography

Our technology is a unique combination of Cryo Electron Microscopy and specifically 3D reconstruction program called COMET (Constrained Maximum Entropy Tomography), which innovative algorithms enhance resolution, producing noise free reconstructions of target proteins.

Proteins that with conventional methods were unable to visualize, are now reconstructed with our service.

You can see that proteins have various shapes even in the same solution.Tomography can be applied to structural classification and to know the abundance ratio of complexes that can be understood only by individual molecular analysis.

〈NEW Service〉Single Particle Analysis (SPA)

The single particle analysis method has the possibility of performing high resolution analysis by averaging the images of hundreds of thousands of particles.

This is an example of analysis results using GroEL. The resolution of this figure is about 3.4 Å. You can see the structure of some side chains.